Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai (Hindi: सपना बाबुल का...बिदाई) was an soap drama that aired from 9 October 2007 to 13 November 2010 on STAR Plus channel, every Monday to Friday. Since September 2010, the show is aired on an Afghan television channel calledAriana TV, where the drama is translated into Dari Persian.[citation needed] Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai named Culoarea fericirii in Romania premiered on 7 November 2010 on National TV.[citation needed] The show will end on 30 November[when?] in Romania show ranked 6 in star plus top 10 shows of all time.


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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

सपना बाबुल का बिदाई


The logo of Bidaai

Format Drama
Created by Director Kut's Productions
Written by Zama Habib, Garima Goyal, Virendra Shahaney, Aparna Shahaney, Sonali Jaffar & M P Anamika
Directed by Rajan Shahi, Romesh Kalra and Sunand Kumar
Starring Sara Khan
Opening theme "Bidaai" by Manish Tripathi
Country of origin India
Originallanguage(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 739
Producer(s) Rajan Shahi
Editor(s) Sameer Gandhi
Cinematography Arjun Rao
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel STAR Plus/STAR Utsav
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original run October 8, 2007 – November 13, 2010 STAR Plus

October 6, 2008–December 11, 2010 STAR Utsav

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In Hindi the word bidaai means farewell. It is also the name of a wedding ritual which marks the[1] departure of the bride from her parental home. The theme of the show explores the connotations of this word. The show's title invokes the poignant emotions of a bride's father or guardian (baabul) when his beloved daughter or ward gets married and departs for her husband's house. The father's (or guardian's) joy and relief at seeing the girl well-established are mixed with sorrow and anxiety at being separated from her. The show narrates the story of a father, his two daughters, and the immense love they have for each other. It also highlights the negative consequences of a widespread tendency among Indians to favour fair skin against dark, especially when choosing brides for their families. Ragini and Sadhana are two sisters whose lives go through much turmoil because of the colour bias prevailing in Indian society. Ragini, being dark-skinned, is rejected by many potential suitors; while Sadhana's fair complexion attracts unwanted attention. But still both sisters wish the best for each other.


Sadhana Alekh Rajvansh

She believes she couldn’t have asked for a better life. Sadhana loves her husband Alekh and is the older daughter-in-law of the Rajvansh family. And her sister Ragini is married into the same family! Sadhana is a very good-looking and charming girl in her 20s. She is not only good in appearance but also very kind at heart. She is 22 years old. Her mother died when she was just 5 years old. Her father went abroad to make a living because of which she stayed with her mama, Prakashchand. She loves her mama, mami and cousin Ragini, and can do anything for them. Even when her mami, Kaushalya, hates her for her beauty, she still gives love in return. She was always compared with Ragini and was appreciated for her beauty and kindness. She has imbibed all the values from her mama and can never go against them. She is married into the Rajvansh family, to the older son Alekh, who was mentally unstable. She loves Alekh deeply and undergoes great pains to make him normal. She has a daughter by the name of Khushi with Alekh. She died from a bomb blast.

Ragini Ranvir Rajvansh

She loves her family and is very close to her sister Sadhana. She loves her husband Ranvir. Ragini would do everything in her power to see her family happy and keep them happy! She is in her 25s, a very sweet and lively, yet simple, small-city girl. Soft and kind-hearted. Her dark complexion is the biggest bane of her life, but she has dreams like any other young woman. She is very close to her cousin, Sadhana, who has lived with her since childhood. Throughout her life, she is compared to Sadhana, who is very beautiful. She is a talented dancer and has performed at the state level, and is very intelligent in academics as well. She is married to Ranvir, the younger son of the Rajvansh family, and they love each other a lot. She has a daughter by the name of Tamanna with Ranvir. After her husband Ranvir died she married Anmol to keep her promise to Ranvir and for the sake of Tammy {Tamanna}.

Alekh Rajvansh

Alekh is a man who got married with Sadhana. He was mental that time but when he and Sadhna got separated he became normal and soon worked for a business with a woman called Malika. Soon Sadhna becomes Malika's assistance and finds Alekh. they both realize they both still love each other. Alekh becomes normal and Soon he reunited with sadhna but soon she dies and Alekh becomes mental again. After he marries Sakshi at the end.

Ranvir Rajvansh

Ranvir once had many dreams. He's the younger son of the family and thought he was free to do what he wanted. And then he married Ragini. This is when his true self emerges. He's determined to do good! He studied in America and is now back in his family. He is a man whom every woman would want in her life. He is very close to his brother Alekh and his wife Sadhana. He always wanted a beautiful woman in his life but falls for the inner beauty of Ragini and marries her. Both of them are deeply in love with each other. He is an honest man, down-to-earth and sweet. He lives life with honesty and always supports the truth. He dies from a hit on the head with a big rock.


Anmol is Ragini's 2nd husband after Ranvir's death. He loves her very much and gave his promise to Ranvir that nothing will ever hurt Ragini.


Played by Characters Roles
Main characters
Sara Khan Sadhana Alekh Rajvansh main lead (dead)
Angad Hasija Alekh Rajvansh main lead
Sulagna Panigrahi Sakshi Alekh Rajvansh Antagonist later protagonist and main lead
Parul Chauhan Ragini Ranvir Rajvansh Main lead
Apoorva Agnihotri Anmol Sareen Main lead
Kinshuk Mahajan Ranvir Rajvansh Main lead (dead)
Divya Naaz Khushi Rajvansh Main lead
Nirali Desai Tamanna Rajvansh Main lead
Alok Nath Prakash Chandra Sharma Father of Ragini and Vineet / Mamaji of Sadhna / Father in law of Ranvir and Alekh 2007-2010
Vibha Chibber Kaushalya Sharma Mother of Ragini and Vineet / Mother in law of Ranvir and Alekh 2007-2010
Ashita Dhawan Malti Sharma Antagonist Wife of Vineet / Daughter in law of Kaushalya and Prakash 2007-2010
Naveen Saini Vineet Sharma Brother of Ragini / Husband of Malti 2007-2010
Siddhartha Kavya Sharma Son of Vineet and Malti 2010
Amardeep Jha Sumitra Mother of Kaushalya 2007-2010
Seema Kapoor Vasundhara Rajvansh Mother of Ranvir and Alekh / Mother in law of Ragini and Sadhna 2007-2010
Avinash Wadhavan Inderjit Rajvansh Father of Ranvir and Alekh / Father in law of Ragini and Sadhna 2007-2010
Natasha Rana Ambika Rajvansh Mother of Naveen / Mother in law of Avni 2007-2009
Ali Raza Namdaar Satyen Rajvansh Father of Naveen / Father in law of Avni 2007-2009
Vimarsh Roshan Naveen Rajvansh Son of Ambika and Satyen / Husband of Avni 2007-2010
Preeti Puri Avni Rajvansh Wife of Naveen / Daughter in law of Ambika and Satyen 2007-2010
Rahul Lohani Karan Rajvansh Son of Inderjit 2010
Shafaq Naz Guni Rajvansh Daughter of Avni and Naveen 2007-2010
Prerna Wanvari Shivani Antagonist



Year Awards Categories Recipient
2008 Zee Gold Awards Best Debut - Female Sara Khan
Best Debut - Male Kinshuk Mahajan
Best Actor in Supporting Role - Male Alok Nath
Best Television Show Director Kut's Productions
New Talent Awards Best Actress Sara Khan
Style Icon of The Year(Female) Sara Khan[2]
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female) Sara Khan[3]
Favourite Behen Sara Khan[3]
Favourite Bhabhi Sara Khan[3]
Favourite Jodi Sara Khan & Angad Hasija[3]
Yadgar Pal
Indian Telly Awards Best Daily Soap Director Kut's Productions[4]
Best Ensemble Cast Team
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Idea Champion Show of the Year Director Kut's Productions[5]
2009 Best Ensemble Cast Director Kut's Productions
Best Fiction Show Director Kut's Productions
Indian Telly Awards Popular Continuing TV Programe Director Kut's Productions[6]
Star Parivaar Awards Sabse Yaadgar Pal Angad Hasija & Seema Kapoor[7]
Favourite Beta Angad Hasija
Favourite Sasur Alok Nath
Favourite Bahu Sara Khan
Favourite Pati Angad Hasija
Favourite Patni Sara Khan


Years Awards Categories Recipient
2008 Zee Gold Awards Best Debut(Male) Angad Hasija
Zee Gold Awards Best Debut(Female) Parul Chauhan

Nima china



Bidaai got replaced by the show Gulaal when it got axed in November 2010.

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